Storytelling Programs


While all ages enjoy a variety of stories, and most stories can be adapted (aimed) at most ages, some just seem to “click” better with different groups. Here are sample programs for suggested ages. Programs can be customized to fit ongoing programs or special themes.

The cost for performances is based on the length of the program and the distance travelled (from St. Charles, Missouri). Contact me for a quote.

Tellable Tales

Inviting listeners to become tellers, this program introduces types of stories, with permission to tell and “make them your own.”

  1. •Traditional Folktales and Stretches
    1. ◦The Smell of the Bread
    2. ◦Noisy House
    3. ◦Magic Doubling Pot
    4. ◦The Stonecutter
  2. •Traditional Tales with a Twist (adding one’s own details)
    1. ◦The Three Little Pigs – my version with Legos!
  3. •Personal Stories from One’s Own Life
    1. ◦Bill’s Iguana
    2. ◦Chimp Show at the Zoo
    3. ◦C.J.’s Lost Puppy
  4. •Tall Tales
    1. ◦Carnival Elation (shrimp stampede)
  5. Clever Critters and Story Stretches
The youngest listeners love stories of animals, and tellers from Aesop to Uncle Remus have known that animal characters make lessons fun.

  1. •Butterfly Brothers
  2. •Coyote Dances w/Stars
  3. •Turtle Flies South
  4. •Ears and Tails and Common Sense
  5. •Grandmother Spider

Life Lessons

Stories can teach lessons on caring for each other, doing right, living well — without preaching.

  1. •The Stonecutter on the Mountain
  2. •The Innkeeper’s Wise Daughter
  3. •Lost Purse
  4. •Pandora’s Troubles
  5. •More Than a Match
  6. •’Possum and Snake
  7. •Tante Tina

Silly Scary (not terrifying – tales with safe endings and laughter)

  1. •Black Bubble Gum
  2. •Red, Red Lips
  3. •Fire Ants and Snake Spit
  4. •Tailey-Po
  5. •Hitchhiker

True “Ghost” Stories

  1. •City Outhouse
  2. •Delta Queen — Mary Becker Greene
  3. •Trains
    1. ◦Ghost Woman in Cab
    2. ◦Children push car
  4. •Victoria on the Goldenrod

Workshops on Storytelling

Stealth Storytelling at the Upper Grades (Frog Goes to High School)

presented at these conferences:

  1. Sharing the Fire in Massachusetts
  2. National Storytelling Network, Oklahoma
  3. Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Winter Conference, Utah
  4. Northlands Storytelling Network, Wisconsin
  5. Texas Storytelling Festival, Denton, Texas
  6. •O.O.P.S.  Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling

Getting Started: How to tell stories and help others with storytelling,

presented for these groups:

  1. •Missouri Association of School Librarians
  2. •Rivers Bend Association of Educators of Young Children

For more information, click here.


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