Aliens, Allergies, and Stories!

Aliens, Allergies, and Stories!

A neighbor once explained my multiple allergies by reasoning that I must be from another planet, and that when the “mother ship” returns for me and takes me to my proper home, I won’t have so many problems.

A storytelling friend figured out why “my people” would have abandoned me in such an inhospitable environment — to gather stories, of course! It does make sense, even though my mother swears I was born in St. Louis (she had been given castor oil to drink to hurry me along so the doctor could take his family to the Veiled Prophet Parade).

I was blessed with a father who told wonderful stories and parents who read to us.

I knew one of my books so well that my uncle thought I was really reading it at age four.

I tried to join the chimpanzees after their show at the St. Louis Zoo (imagine the stories I could have gathered there, if my mother hadn’t stopped me).

Salespeople and teachers spend much time on stories, and that first class in storytelling introduced me to the St. Louis Storytelling Festival and, from there, the National Storytelling Festival and classes at ETSU.

On one of the storytelling cruises, Nancy Kavanaugh told of her grandmother explaining the loose skin on her arms as “someplace to keep the stories,” and I find I’m even developing that trait. Yes, I was definitely sent here for the stories!

Meanwhile, for those who wish to learn more about latex allergy, go to the Latex Allergy post for some information and resources to help you out.

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