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Lava Drink after Concert

L.A. NSN Health Stuff

Health Stuff

The hard-working Karin Hensley and the hotel’s MaryAnn Youssef made sure I was safe from latex in my room and in the restaurants. The conference committee opted to keep costs in line by not ordering constant food — reducing the “because it’s there” grazing, but giving us a very nice lunch (incentive to attend the membership meeting) and dessert reception after the Awards.  Starbucks and in-room coffee makers (once I learned to use it, third try the charm) and the gracious staff of the restaurant provided caffeine to fuel us — and the hotel buffet was substantial and delicious.  I found that one “real” meal a day was enough for me, with lighter fare and snacks for the rest . . .    (and, small bonus, came home one pound lighter 😉

When I arrived on Thursday Joyce Geary met up with me at the registration desk and kindly stayed until I finished the paperwork so she could literally guide me to the restaurant for much-needed dinner . . . what a pal!  I may not have survived the starvation of modern air travel without her help.  She even shared her sweet potato fries with me at supper Saturday, so good that by Sunday the restaurant was completely out of them.

On the way home I discovered a latex-free Burger King in the Las Vegas airport, and began a new friendship with a musician and his wife by discussing the culinary merits of food eaten when really, really hungry.  He’s looking for a new field and thought storytelling sounded promising . . . I know I found his music business stories very entertaining!

Random thought — pulling out a Lactaid for the cheesecake at the membership meeting: Wouldn’t it be nice if there were tablets to take for other kinds of intolerance?

Sleep theme continues:

Even though I tried to make sure I rested, I’ve been napping quite a bit here at home, in between errands and storytelling and writing.

Home, safe . . . tired but worth it!  It was a terrific conference.  I’ll write more when I’ve rested . . . planning to sleep late. . .

I’m back safely from the NSN conference in LA . . .

Home, tired but feeling good.  We had a workshop on the Alexander technique today — so many ways to get healthier!

Al, maybe 45 minutes of exercise, since Wednesday’s aqua-aerobics — oh, wait, all the airport walking would take that to 90 minutes surely.

I’ve been trying to convince my body to stay on California time, but now it’s even late there, so good-night.

A bit more as the coffee is brewing —  lovely, healthy buffet at the hotel (pricey . .  but not tooooooo bad).  I’m thinking that it’s the California mindset that had so many veggies and lighter foods (and human weakness that called for the luscious desserts).  I did one big meal a day and then trial mix and little stuff the rest of the time — and the beautiful fruit, saturn (doughnut?) peaches were lovely, and apricot like candy, and grapefruit so sweet . . . aaaah!  (I brought trail mix and chocolate for the flight and for snacks in the room, and at the last minute threw in a small hunk of cheese — adequate to get me through the flight there . . .)

I also unabashedly asked for help — asking a strong-looking man to pull the big bag off the carousel, and “as long as we’re both stuck here waiting for the shuttle, could you take that (latex) elastic tag off my bag for me.”  I met so many wonderful people, at the conference, of course, but also those random meetings in planes and waiting for rides . . . all wonderful!

Becky, you raise an excellent point — rest!  One of our “elder” storytellers told me one year that while “those youngsters” stay up after a day of telling stories, visiting until the wee hours, she was “wise enough to know I need to take my rest.”  I did not set wake-up calls for Friday or Saturday so I could be well rested.  I missed some stuff, but appreciated so much more the ones I was truly awake for.  I also walked out by the pool and around the block (nice little park!)  and got outside for non-recirculated air.  I slept in a bit today, got an allergy shot and groceries, napped, went through mail. . . oh, and laundry . . . did I really have all those clothes in one suitcase?

I also watched the food intake.  Past conferences fed us constantly, but this year they cut back on expenses, and I think it was better.  Heavy meals plus snacks make people drowsy.  I managed one large meal each day, and trail mix and such the rest of the time.   Before the concert, I didn’t eat supper (good lunch to provide the fuel) and ate afterward.  Eating right before a performance just doesn’t work.  If I’m telling at a dinner event, I’ll nibble at a bit of fruit, and get back to my meal after I tell.

I found a way to put photos on a screen saver pattern that looks like the placing of photos slowly down on a table overlapping each other.  Very pretty . . . and more eye-catching and thought-provoking than one steady view).


On Jul 29, 2010, at 7:30 PM, Becky Hutchison wrote:

Good luck and have fun, Mary! I know you’ll wow everybody with your storytelling prowess. Oh, and relax too. I find that I’m more busy at conferences and workshops than in my daily life, and I forget to rest, which makes it hard to function when I finally get home. So hopefully you’ll get some time to yourself too.

Becky  ;-D

It’s fun reading all these emails.  Many thanks for your good wishes.  Though I didn’t have a computer on which to read them in L.A., I felt them loud and clear!

It’s hard to manage out of one’s own space.  My email won’t send from some places, but on this trip I won’t even bring the computer.  Sitting in workshops, eating hotel food  😉

When I went to Utah right after that fall at the police station, I couldn’t sit much, so I paced the back of the room.  Maybe I’ll do that a bit.  It wouldn’t even be a lie.  My lower back and hips do hurt if I sit for too long. . .

Y’all have fun. . . back Sunday, well, so late that it will really be Monday.

BTW, check to see if I might have given you an empty CD case for Wisdom and Courage — I had one of each with me so people could see the inside, and now I only have the Frog one. . .


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