Listeners’ Quotes and Reviews

Quotes about   Storyteller Mary Garrett —  Stories make the world go around

Your stories held me captive

Justin, Boys’ Help, Girls’ Help, St. Louis


I don’t want to go have snacks. I want to hear more stories!

Boy at Castlio Vacation Station program


She transforms as she tells a tale, the glow from within lighting her face and illuminating her stories.

Granny Sue Holstein


We all had a great time! The kids were all talking about you yesterday. They loved retelling your stories!

Bridget Tierney, Pattonville


I loved the story (Mary Culhane), and even more I loved the emotion in the teller’s voice.

Kevin Young, teen listener


Thank you for telling stories to our campers at Hawn State Park. The stories were entertaining, lively and easy for our campers to relate to.

Ed Schott, Park Superintendent

Your stories are always welcome in my coffee house.

Stein Hunter, Crooked Tree Coffee House


It’s not the same with you gone. No one tells us stories.

Francis Howell North High School student

Thanks so much for visiting our school today. The stories you shared were wonderful and had great lessons.

Beth Steinhoff and students, Coverdell Elementary, St. Charles


Thank you for the wonderful storytelling. The stories held the attention of the patients and made their day go much easier.

Laura Teague, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital


Alan Portman  on “Frog and Friends”

“I have two children, 8 and 4. They love stories. They sat and stared at the CD player, listening to the stories. It was great to have a CD of stories that do not have their own T-shirts, TV shows or cereals for the girls to listen to. Mike Anderson’s dulcimer was an added bonus.  It is a great addition.”


Jim and I had a lovely Thanksgiving with local cousins with a special treat.

The cousins live an hour away, so we traveled with your frog Prince and other stories which shortened our trip. Congratulations, Mary, on creating such a delightful CD, music, the enthusiasm of young tellers, a selection of interesting stories, and your good telling all woven together by Prince’s saga. Jim and I loved it.   — Ellouise Schoettler

“Frog and Friends” by Mary Garrett took me through 12 stories, songs,

and fun frog facts. Framed by Mary’s adventures with the foundling

amphibian aptly named “Prince,” it made me wish I could be a kid in

Mary’s classroom. She teaches with story as she blends scientific

information with the tales. A good pick for a nature lover aged 6-10.

Available through and online CD or MP3


Mary Garrett has demonstrated that it does not take bells and whistles to tell stories and make a good CD. She has combined her calm style of storytelling with the rich, soothing music from Mike Anderson’s dulcimer playing and created an enjoyable listening experience for those who like the spoken word.  Mary Garrett’s rendition of Scheherazade was pleasing to my ears and soul. The way she tells the story so simply, without fanfare, and yet holds the attention of the listener is wonderful. You know a story works when, after listening to it well-told one time, you can say, “Hey, I can tell that story!”

Mike Lockett, the Normal storyteller




I just listened to your CD again (second time) and I really love it! Especially your choice of stories. Your intro was really cute, with the rainbow story, and of course Scheherazade is my all-time favorite too! 🙂 I agree with that woman who wanted to buy your CD, Mary Culhane is fascinating. Especially because I know another version of it (with a guy). The music was great, I really enjoyed it 🙂 I like listening to the way you talk (you know when learning the language we have to do that a lot for practice, and your voice and pronunciation is just really nice to listen to). So, all in all, I had a great time listening to your CD! 🙂


Zalka Csenge Virág         Budapest, Hungary         “Az igazi meséknek soha nincs vége”


I enjoyed Froggy tales so much, I had to listen to some of it twice.

I loved the way you worked the other stories in to coincide with things

that Prince was doing.  I must say you took excellent care of the boy, and he sang his thanks beautifully.  His departure brought tears to my eyes, but it really was the right thing to do. So glad you made this CD.  It will bring pleasure for years to come.  Thank you.

Big hugs,

Clara Wersterfer


Storytelling Review: Courage and Wisdom

Old folktales from many lands and cultures, told in Mary Garrett’s unique voice come to lie in modern times on Mary’s CD, Courage and Wisdom: Stories Make the World Go Around. Beginning with her father’s wise words and continuing through stories that can be funny and frightening, puzzling and provocative, timeless and yet timely, Mary weaves her stories into a tapestry of rich images and ideas.

I met Mary Garrett online, in a new community formed by the Storytell listserve group. I was still finding my way in the confusing and exhilarating world that I had discovered quite by accident. Storytell and its many experienced members guided me in those early years, and Mary Garrett was one of those who shared her wisdom and stories freely with this shy newcomer.

Over the years, I have learned much from Mary. Online, I shared Mary’s joys and frustrations as a teacher in St. Louis, and rejoiced with her when retirement was finally a reality for my friend.

Retirement allowed Mary to pursue storytelling in new ways. This CD is one of the new goals Mary set and achieved as she developed her storytelling career into new areas.

Courage and Wisdom

• Stories Make the World Go Around •

Mary Garrett

Making a CD is not so easy as it might seem. The recording itself is the easiest part; selecting stories is the most difficult. What stories? How do the stories relate to each other? How to develop a comfortable flow to the tales that deepens and enriches each story, complementing one with another? How to bring the listener safely and joyfully to the end?

It is clear from the beginning that Mary put a good deal of thought in her story selections. She begins with a comfortable, humorous tale from childhood ; from that safe place she leads the listener from one moral dilemma to another, in the process demonstrating that while the stories come from many cultures, their meaning will resonate with listeners of all ages and beliefs.

From a simple rabbit tale to the richness of Scheherezade, the suspenseful Mary Culhaine and the wisdom of The Innkeeper’s Wise Daughter, Mary wraps us in brightly colored words like a silken shawl, and travels the world with us on the magic carpet of story in our minds.


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