OOPS! Journey Home . . . .

Story Musings

OOPS! Journey Home . . . .


Drive home —  many lovely farms, horses, cows, lovely house reflected in a small pond . . .

I saw alpacas just outside Mt. Vernon, and Googled for info on alpaca farms (or would that be ranches?) — many of them in Ohio . . .

Listened to Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear most of the way — a wonderful BBC recording — lovely voice (a bit jarring when she did an American soldier’s accent — is that how we sound to them?)   Maisie’s method uses careful focus, attentiveness, quiet, contemplation, mirroring posture to understand the other’s feelings  . . . interesting echo of Dovie’s discussion of being quiet and hearing nature around us.  Also listened to Dovie’s stories on the way home . . . wonder if that’s why I was more aware of all the birds at the rest stops (or if there might have even been more of them??)

I met Karen M. for lunch in Dayton and she brought forget-me-nots from her yard.  She’s looking very svelte (our Help Me Out Here group from the TLC blog is working!)

As we were lunching outside the Panera’s (there were balloons on the inside), it started to rain. We retreated to the lobby of the nearby Drury Inn and were quite comfortable and dry while the worst of the thunderstorms raged outside.  Such perfect timing — most of my actual driving was gentle rain or dry, for which I am duly grateful.

I was telling friends at aqua-aerobics that the worst of the storm occurred while we were safe and comfortable at the Drury Inn. . .  and that such happy accidents may not actually be accidents.  There was one other  storm burst, so I stopped for gas to let it pass by.  A nice young man used his iPhone to call up a weather app and show me that I was nearly past the storms, and I was — clear driving . . .

Good to be home!  . . . to a greeting chorus of frog song!!

. . . Several days of recovering from the long drive ( how do full-time tellers do it?)  with aqua-aerobics, and a visit to Mara for some P.T. on May the 4th (be with you  . .  Star Wars Day 😉

Then acupuncture on Cinco de Mayo. . . (almost missed the significance of the day, still in a fog). . . there were celebratory tortilla chips and salsa samples at Provisions, where I stopped for a bite to eat and some coffee and an escape from rush hour traffic after seeing Dr. Kim.  The left thumb hurt more than usual, and she said, “Let it hurt, let it work,” which fits with my new mantra, “Let it heal.”  I did feel better afterward.

I told her how sore I was from the long drive, and she said she admires my dedication to make a trip like that.  Dr. Kim had bought both my CDs last time I was there, and said she really liked them and could understand why storytelling was so important to me (Mara says the same, as does my dentist).  They will keep me going so I can do what I love . . . and I’m good to go . . . where next??

Meanwhile, here at home, I’ve planted some yellow flowers (couldn’t find violas) and little trees from the Arbor Day folks. . . . let them grow . . . .

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