The Old Halloween Witch Has Goblin Trouble

Daddy John Stories


The Old Halloween Witch Has Goblin Trouble

from Stories from the Land of Make Believe

by Daddy John (Fussner)

edited by his daughter Mary Frances (Fussner) Garrett

Very early one cool October morning, Dough Doughy was awakened by a loud knocking on the door.  “ Now who could that be so early in the morning?”  wondered Dough Doughy as he got up and went to the door.  He soon found out, for when he opened the door, there stood the old witch.  Yes siree, the Halloween witch herself was standing there.  What would you do if a witch knocked on your door?  Dough Doughy just said, “ Come in!  Come in!  Glad to see you!” 

The old witch came in, and Dough Doughy called to his wife, “ We have company, dear.”

“ Be right there,”  answered his wife.

Dough Doughy, his wife, and the old witch all went into the kitchen.  You see, they were all country folk, and to them it seemed more friendly to visit in the kitchen.  That is one of the reasons farmhouses have such big kitchens.

“ And to what do we owe this visit?”  asked Dough Doughy of the witch.

“ I’m having trouble,”  answered the old witch.  “ As you know, my helpers are all little goblins and are not quite the same as the little brownies that help Santa.  These little goblins of mine have suddenly decided to play.  I can’t get any work out of them.”

“ I can see where that would cause you to worry, what with Halloween coming up soon,”  said Dough Doughy.

“ Yes,” sighed the witch, “ I’m just about to the end of my rope, what with all those trick-or-treats to get to the people for the little ones.  As if that weren’t bad enough, the ghosts keep getting dirty.  First they raced up and down the chimney getting full of soot.  Then, after I got them all cleaned up, the goblins chased them through the mud holes, and I had to wash them again.”

“ I’ve often wondered how you wash a ghost,”  said Mrs. Dough Doughy.

“ Well, it isn’t easy,”  answered the witch.  “ You see, a ghost can go right through the side of a washing machine, and I have to use magic to put them to sleep long enough to wash them.”

“ Seems to me you could use magic to clean them,”  said Mrs. Dough Doughy as she fried eggs for breakfast.

“ No,”  said the witch, “ that is one thing my magic can’t do.  You see, the ghosts have magic, too, and they don’t like to be cleaned.”

“ Just what do you intend to do about the goblins?”  asked Dough Doughy as he opened the oven door and looked at the biscuits browning slowly and evenly in the oven.

“ I don’t know,” answered the witch.  “ I was hoping you would have the answer.  I’m about ready to give up.”

Mrs. Dough Doughy smiled as she said, “ I have the answer to your problem.  You just tell those lazy little goblins to go off into the woods and play.  Tell them they don’t even have to come home to sleep, because you are going to fill their jobs with hard-working brownies from Santa’s shop.  Why shucks, one good brownie is worth a dozen goblins.”

“ That will do it!”  shouted the witch.

“ Yes it will,” said Dough Doughy, “ and if they don’t believe you, you just let me know. I’ll send Tex up to Santa to bring back a plane load of brownies.”

“ Breakfast is ready,” said Mrs. Dough Doughy.  “ You may as well enjoy a nice hot breakfast now that your troubles are over.”

Do you know what?  The witch didn’t have any more trouble with her goblins.  They didn’t want any brownies working their jobs.  Would you?



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