Where Is the Lifeguard?

 Summer camps have started at the Y, which reminds me of this conversation with Y campers last December . . .

Where Is the Lifeguard?

   (conversation remembered by storyteller Mary Garrett)

Water Fun and Fitness at the Y

Adult: Children, sit down here please.  We can’t go in the pool yet.

Camper: Why can’t we go in the pool?

A: There’s no lifeguard.

C: Where is the lifeguard?

A: I don’t know.   Do you think she’s lost?

C: No!

A: Do you think the Grinch took her?

C: No.  Santa took her!!

A: Why?

C: To teach the reindeer and polar bears to swim!

A: Why?

C: The ice is melting!  They have to learn to swim.

A: But we need her.  Let’s all say together: Santa, we need our lifeguard, bring her back!

C: We can’t say that.

A: Why not?

C: It’s rude to talk to Santa that way.

A: Oh, how about, “Santa, please bring our lifeguard back.  We need her.”

C: Yes!  Santa, please bring our lifeguard back.  We need her.

A: Who’s coming?  a lifeguard?

C: Yay, we can go swimming!!!   Thanks, Santa!!

*One day near Christmas the day campers at the Y came to the pool for their swim, but the assigned lifeguard had not arrived.  Swimming is only allowed with a certified lifeguard on duty, so  the children waited, as patiently as they could, and wondered where there lifeguard was.  This was the conversation, and the children’s imagination created a dialogue that stayed with me . . .

The director of the aquatics programs left her other work, changed clothes, and filled in until a new lifeguard arrived.  Thanks, Joyce!


Mary Garrett      http://www.storytellermary.com



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