CDs as Presents — Giveaway Drawing

In the spirit of the season, I will send my two CDs to one person to be chosen by random drawing on Dec. 20.  To enter, comment (click on “comments” to the left, just below the date) or  e-mail me.

I gave two CDs to the men who came to clean the gutters — I think the CDs are going to end up in their children’s stockings in a few weeks, though adults love stories, too.

I gave one to the mail carrier, too.  He likes the frogs in the mailbox almost as much as I do.

Our former mail carrier gave her copy to her daughter, and it helped ease her hospice patients.

I try to have some with me at all times, and when I see children being charming or anyone who seems to be in need of a story, I give a gift!

I hope you get surprises that put smiles on your faces!    😉

CDs– Frog and Friends     Courage and Wisdom: Stories Make the World Go Around

Prince the Frog Picture Book  (Click here to see on YouTube )  — and Books by Daddy John

CDs and Books available from  me  and from   CD Baby and iTunes.

From Aesop to Uncle Remus, stories have been a way to entertain as well as illustrate life lessons and simplify complex situations. Stories delight children and adults alike, and they enhance critical thinking and problem solving.  This CD  presents some favorite stories that both entertain and enlighten. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.   More details and  links below.

•Each CD is $10.00 U.S. and $2.00 for shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental U.S.  Add $0.50 shipping for each additional CD.

•Prince the Frog Picture Book  $10   Click here to see on YouTube     and here for another Prince story.

Daddy John stories collected and edited by Mary Garrett    $10 each or all 3 for $25

To order or ask questions, please e-mail me.

Storyteller Mary Garrett  —  Stories make the world go around

Frog and Friends CD

Prince, the Eastern Grey Tree Frog who came to stay

To hear  short snippets, click on the link for CD Baby or iTunes.

Frog and Friends

by Mary Garrett

**Music by Mike Anderson!

1 Frog Prince (4:02)

2 Wide-Mouth Frog  (5:30) (Trad.)

3 Frog Songs – Prince Trilling (0:59)

4 Bill’s Iguanas (5:15)

5 One Wish (5:26) (Trad.)

6 Grandmother Spider (9:23)  (Elizabeth Ellis’ story, from a dream)

7 Princess Joy (5:26)

8 More Than a Match (13:02)  (written by Aaron Shepard )

9 C.J’s Lost Puppy &Lost Purse (9:11)

10 Daddy’s Lightning Bug Story (3:15)

11 Carnival Elation Tall Tale (10:37)

12 Prince Has Left the Building (3:57)

Mary Garrett combines folk tales, humorous tales, and personal stories in the saga of Prince, the tree frog who spent the winter.  Mary believes in the world of story and the power of story to make this world a better place.

“Let’s look for tree frogs!” Coverdell Elementary students.

“Your stories held me captive.” Justin, Boys’ Help, Girls’ Help, St. Louis

“I don’t want to go have snacks. I want to hear more stories!” Castlio student

“I love the story, and even more I love the emotion in the teller’s voice,” Kevin Young.

Listening to Frog and Friends made me smile–I mean really big, even though I was all alone!  It is so much fun!  Both the music and the stories are artful, and I love the enthusiasm that bubbles up in your young listeners.  I’m getting ready to run another errand, and I can hardly wait to hear more “Frog and Friends.”–Mary Grace Ketner

I just spent an happy hour listening to Mary Garrett’s new CD. Mary deftly weaves the story of her “adopted” frog, Prince, throughout the CD. Listeners will learn the difficulties of frog feeding in “My Frog. Prince.” Her take on “Wide Mouth Frog” is too cute. I can just see the frog with his survey clipboard.

You just have to hear “Bill’s Iguana” to learn how this pet creates a Thanksgiving dinner dilemma and how he saved the family jewels! “One Wish,” “Grandmother Spider,” “Lost Purse,” and “Lightning Bug Story” add just the right combination of traditional and original tales with the perfect amount of imagination and wit.

“Princess Joy,” another original story, provides a very important lesson for listeners of all ages.     Way to go, Mary!

Let the Stories & Songs Begin!   Carol Connolly        WWW.TALESNTUNES.NET

Mary has given us a very rare and wonderful gift… bringing us some beautiful stories intertwined with her personal experiences with a precious friend!  She seamlessly weaves in the story of her endearing little tree frog Prince with some traditional tales … you’ll hear her adaptation of Aaron Shepard’s tale More Than a Match… with an assist from some delightful little friends.  Listen in to Story Lovers World and enjoy your journey from “here” to “there”! !! It’s a wise tale told so well!  Thanks, Mary, for sharing your stories with us!

Jackie Baldwin  Story Lovers World

Courage and Wisdom:  Stories Make the World Go Around 

Courage and Wisdom: Stories Make the World Go Around

By Mary Garrett

To hear  short snippets, click on the links for CD Baby or iTunes.

1) Real or Make Believe (5 min.)

All good stories contain truth, and this one actually happened. My father was my first storyteller, and I joyously carry his gift of story along with my kindergarten teacher’s gift of respect as I invite listeners into the world of make-believe.

2) Smell of the Bread (2 min.)

This story can be found in many variations. I have heard it as Jewish and Arabic in origin. On a flight from Istanbul, a Chinese medical student claimed it as Chinese. Stories travel light and need no passport.

3) Innkeeper’s Wise Daughter (11 min.)

Riddles within riddles, and a love story. I’ve seen it attributed as Jewish or European (and I loved it on Corinne Stavish’s tape).

4) Mary Culhane (8 min.)

I told this scary story at an Irish festival in St. Charles. Afterward, a woman asked if she could buy it on CD, which put this project on my “to do” list. Now if I could just find that woman . . .

5) King Solomon (2 min.)

Shall we live forever? Karen Chace found this story of King Solomon’s toughest judgment — a bit of perspective on life, wisdom, and coffee.

6) Scheherazade (10 min.)

The frame story of 1001 Arabian Nights. Scheherazade became my hero the first time I heard her story, and I’ve loved every version since. Could stories save the kingdom? The world? I hope so!

7) King Solomon (1 min.)

This wonderful Sufi tale is my mantra on difficult days. I first heard it as told by Doug Lipman, and it was my farewell story when I retired from teaching.

8) Minstrel Queen short (10 min.)

This story is also known as “The Lute Player.” I learned it for my friend Susan’s wedding. The tiny bit of singing in it is only possible because of the “Singing for People Who’ve Been Asked Not To” class at COCA (Center of Creative Arts).

9) Heaven and Hell (3 min.)

I used to tell this story early in the school year to set a tone of cooperation for my classes. In the Chinese story the problem is very long chopsticks.

10)Broken Fan (4 min.)

A Spanish story remembered from high school, a favorite at the Renaissance Faire.

11) Black Bubble Gum (13 min.)

Inspired by a John Steinbeck story, told with help from Brianna, Hannah, and Josiah.

Praise for Courage and Wisdom: Stories Make the World Go Around

We absolutely love your cd! The music and nature sounds add a very nice touch! Well done!

—  Annie Gross (and Hannah, Josiah, and Marc)

I really enjoyed your CD. Your voice is not pretentious, but is in the natural, conversational tone that makes good storytelling. I felt like I had sat with you for the time and just had a “talk.” Congratulations, you have a created a product to be proud of for a long time.

—  Mike Anderson

Thanks to

Mike Anderson at for the use of his music, •”Simple Gifts” and “The Minstrel Boy.”

•Mike Ehrhard at Sidetrack Recording Studios, 314-432-0447

•Elizabeth Ellis for holding me in the light through this project and to many other storytelling friends for help and support

•My former students for listening and commenting. One young man asked, “Are all your stories about women?” Not all, but I do love strong women stories and tell them often. Not only is feminism not a dirty word, but it’s also not new. There have always been strong and capable women, and thank goodness for that!

Each CD    Courage and Wisdom     Frog & Friends   is $10.00 U.S., and $2.00 for shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental U.S.; add $0.50 shipping for each additional CD.

Also available

  1. Prince the Frog Picture Book  $10
  2. •Little chap books of father’s stories, collected and edited by Mary Garrett
    $10 each or all 3 for $25  plus $2.50 shipping
    Bedtime Stories by Daddy John (Fussner) 35 pages
    “Sweet dreams,” stories of fairies and nature
    Stories from the Land of Make Believe by Daddy John (Fussner) 53 pages
    Dough Doughy and friends build a church, face a blizzard, enjoy life.
    Homespun Stories from Uncle John 32 pages
    Old time tall tales in dialect: mosquitoes big enough to eat a car, a mixed-up hen, pet skunks