Gratitude — First Ten Days of November

Mel Davenport (thanks, Mel) brought up  the idea of posting an item of gratitude each day, in preparation for Thanksgiving.  I’ll give it a try.



  1.  Refrigerator freezer filled with tasty, healthy vegetables from Terripin Farms CSA, and all the lovely visits with Jessica when I picked up the products of her and Brad’s labors.

    2 Cleaning my snug, warm, healthy home, and the intelligent input from eco-broker Chris Andrews.   Slept late, just finished _Windsor Knot_, a classic  Sharyn McCrumb — such fun to read!  The first of McCrumb’s I read was _If I Killed Him When I Met Him_ which still makes me laugh . . . Ready to start _Knit One Pearl One_ by Gil McNeil.    Brunch = eggs and veggies from Terripin Farms CSA and bread from 4 Seasons Bakery . . . life is so good!

  2. (numbering is misbehaving, but I can live with that 😉
  3. Beautiful colorful leaves, calling attention to trees and bushes often taken for granted.  Pretty white clouds in blue sky, tinting to pink toward sunset.   A slightly different version of Utah Phillips’ “Bum on the Rod” — Miss his fire, and so glad I got to hear him years ago at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. Those were the days . . .
  4. Marigolds on the deck are still bravely blooming, despite freezing weather . . . reminder of reading this story with students
  5. Books, reading . . . traveling and adventuring in my mind. (see poems below) Thanks to McClay Library for sharing.  Imagination **  Illinois: Progress toward equality and love.
  6. Healthy enough to participate in exercise, aqua-aerobics with friends as a can-do instead of must-do . . . no need to set the alarm, which I didn’t, and slept very late, so staying home on this rainy day, watching the leaves fall . . .  On Monday I went late, but stayed after, to do the moves I’ve been missing from our old routine — thanks Phyllis Harmer Raymo for putting together so many useful exercises.
  7. Teaching tai chi, calming and balanced, and the clever way Charlotte gradually apprenticed me into being able to teach it.  . . .  As I was finishing my coffee at the Y, a little girl asked if I had a new CD for her, no, but I told her a story right there and then . . . a command performance for an audience of three. (We now have Ronnoco coffee, and little bit of trivia . . . the name is O’Connor backwards, because the O’Connor brothers thought it sounded more coffee-like 😉 . . .   Hearing the train!  I love that sound!   Loveliest crescent moon . . . only visible because of all the fallen leaves . . . so I’ll excuse all those wet, slippery leaves on the deck . . .
  8. Sleeping long and well and waking up feeling rested, in part because of the crazy CPAP machine — thanks to sleep technician Janelle Sahid and Dr. Siler, my lung doctor . . .  Breathing, one of my favorite things to do!       Aqua in a bit, for fun and health, with friends!      Elaine Viets’ book signing tomorrow!     Image
  9. The lawn service guys “get” me, letting clover flourish in the back yard because the rabbits and I like it.  They even mowed around a weed that had white flowers without  even being asked — it’s really close to the hickory tree, so easy to miss, but I suspect they’d have cut it in a more formal yard. I discovered on a walk that they’ve mowed a little path in the vacant area that allows walking quite close to my little “Walden Pond.”  . . . and the marigolds are still blooming!  . . . and Elaine Viets’ book signing at 1:00 today!!  I didn’t have much yard in the upstairs Sugarwood condo, but I did plant the “Henderson iris” in the front flowerbed, where it thrived (I should drive by and see if it’s still there)  . . . I brought some here, and it seems to like the front best.  My yard is small, but there is a ribbon of woods behind it, and many empty lots, for now . . .
  10. I have renamed my spare room “The Room of Requirement” — not any neater, but more fun . . .   This site — full of good stories!  Bright sunny day, leaves falling, like a blizzard when leaves fall en masse . . .  and I can see more of my little pond now . . . and I’ve started Elaine Viets’ _Fixing to Die_ . . . so good!

**  Books, reading . . . traveling and adventuring in my mind.  Thanks to McClay Library for sharing.  Imagination **


 Susanna posted this one:

A Fairy’s Child by Robert Graves


Every fairy child may keep

Two strong ponies and ten sheep;

All have houses, each his own, 

Built of brick or granite stone;

They live on cherries, they run wild —

I’d love to be a fairy’s child.




Leslie recited this on a storytelling cruise:


One day when we went walking,

    I found a dragon’s tooth,

    A dreadful dragon’s tooth.

    “A locust thorn,” said Ruth.

One day when we went walking,

    I found a brownie shoe,

    A brownie’s button shoe.

    “A dry pea pod,” said Sue.

One day when we went walking,

    I found a mermaid’s fan,

    A merry mermaid’s fan.

    “A scallop shell,” said Dan.

One day when we went walking,

    I found a fairy’s dress,

    A fairy’s flannel dress.

    “A mullein leaf,” said Bess.

Next time that I go walking,

    Unless I meet an elf,

    A funny, friendly elf,

    I’m going by myself!



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