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I like this April Alphabetical Challenge because of the feeling of all being in it together, writing, reading, playing with words, experimenting while facing the added challenge of writing to the alphabet.  It reminds me a bit of writing classes in which I gave my students broad guidelines and let them develop what they wanted.  Half the fun is seeing what the others do.

Csenge compiled a list of storytellers participating.  Thanks!

I will be interspersing some of my father’s Land of Make Believe stories with some of my personal narratives, a rather eclectic approach, much the way I deal with most of life.  I taught that way when I could, to the delight of some students and the consternation of the very sequential . . .

My all-time favorite student writing was when students interviewed older relatives and then wrote the stories they collected.  I didn’t want to give some of them back and suggested they share them at the next family gathering.  They had begun with their own first-person narratives, first telling them to a partner and then writing, as suggested in Donald Davis’ Writing as a Second Language.  I had them listen to stories from Donald, Elizabeth Ellis and Mike Anderson as a warm up.  Their level of sharing and interest was delightful to witness.


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  1. Rita Ackerman
    Apr 01, 2014 @ 11:16:33

    Nice post. I look forward to more about storytelling. As a family historian I love the assignment you gave. Rita, A to Z 1896


  2. Michelle
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 08:22:09

    I love the idea that we’re all in this together too! It’s nice that we have the opportunity to find new blogs with the kind of content we are looking for, but also to try out new, random blogs, just to see what else people are writing about!


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