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Mother Goose and Jack-in-the-Box by “Daddy John” Fussner

One day Mother Goose hitched Rabbit, her little pony, to her little buggy and drove down to her warehouse.  Every child she saw waved to her and shouted hello.  You see, all the children like old Mother Goose, because she likes children and is good to them.

Mother Goose owned the largest warehouse in town, and in that warehouse were row after row of boxes stacked way, way up, all the way to the roof.  Why did she have so many toys?  Was she keeping them for Santa?  No they were her own toys, and she had them to give to children on their birthdays.  Every day, she hitched Rabbit to her little red buggy and drove down to the warehouse so she could pick out toys for the boys and girls who were having birthdays that day.  Some days the list was long, sometimes the list was longer, but never, never did she have a short list.

Well, this day she had a long list of boys’ names and a long, long list of girls’ names.  Up and down the long rows of boxes she went, with Jack-in-the-Box pushing a big box on wheels for Mother Goose to put the boxes of toys in.  Every day he went up and down the long, long rows, but never, never did he know what toys were in the boxes.  as he looked at the list, he saw Billy’s name.  He asked Mother Goose what Billy was getting for his birthday.

Mother Goose looked at Jack and said, “I know that you know, that I know, that you know that I won’t tell you what is in this box.”

Well, Jack got just a little peeved, and as they were finished with their work, he jumped into his box, ducked down, and pulled the lid shut with a bang.  You know that Mother Goose doesn’t like anyone to be peeved at her; so she knocked on the lid, calling for Jack to come out.  Come out he didn’t.  After a while, she opened the lid, but Jack was not in the box.  Where was he?  Nobody knew but Jack, and he wouldn’t tell.

“Well,” said Mother Goose, “he’s done it again.  I’d sure like to know how he gets out of that box and where he goes.”

With that, she closed the lid and started to leave.  as she was going out the door, she heard Jack call, “Good-bye, Mother Goose.  Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of everything.”

Looking back, Mother Goose saw Jack standing in the box, waving and grinning.  “I’d sure like to know,” said Mother Goose.  Waving good-bye, she closed the door, climbed into her little red buggy, and drove off.

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  1. Sue Kuentz
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 16:16:22

    I love that story of Jack in the Box and Mother Goose (who all children love because she loves them!) Wonderful! Thank you for your post!

    Sue Kuentz
    A – Z Blog Challenge: http://www.door2lore.com/3/post/2014/04/jacks-jump-ropes-and-journals.html


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