Feminists All

I couldn’t find this post in the A to Z blogs . . .  lost somewhere in cyber-space?  Thought I’d post it now, in honor of my wonderful Shakespeare students (and the Shakespeare t-shirt my niece just gave me for Christmas 😉


Feminists All

An impromptu discussion of feminism once began in my Shakespeare class when the young woman playing Portia in The Merchant of Venice started to tell a joke and then stopped herself because, “it’s sort of anti-feminist.”

“Good decision!  I was a campus leader for equal rights in the 70s,” led to, “So what is Feminism really?”

Students were sure there must be more to it than just equal rights, until one young man consulted the dictionary, read the definition out loud, and proposed a vote, in which the whole class declared themselves to be feminists.

I told them that if we could have known in the 70s that an average (okay above — it was a Shakespeare class) group of students would so spontaneously advocate for feminism, we would have been quite encouraged.

It has long been true that rational men support rights for all.  Both my “women’s lib” pendants were made by male friends.

Jimmy Carter’s new book A Call to Action brings more reinforcements to the fight.  Interview on NPR http://www.npr.org/2014/03/22/292429202/jimmy-carter-issues-call-to-action-against-subjugation-of-women 100_0563

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