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Thanksgiving story 2

Several times I would find out a bit of the background of a troublesome student and see that student in a whole new light. I’d wonder how I would be if faced with the half the hardships some students have weathered. Sometimes a bit of understanding, the offer of a helping hand, can make a difference. Understanding, help, courtesy . . . what we all would want.

I once took a very upset male student through a “secret passage” to guidance because females can be seen crying, but it’s a social disaster for males. We avoided all the busy hallways and snuck in the back way where his counselor took him in tow without passing through the front part of the office. She understood. Later I slipped a note inside his graded homework, assuring him that once everyone grew up a bit, women would see and appreciate his good qualities.

When I was reading Night with my students, I said I hoped I’d be brave enough to have offered to hide the persecuted, as their servant woman offered to do at great risk to herself. One of my students studied me carefully and then proclaimed, “Oh yes, YOU would.” I accepted her compliment, but said we really don’t know until tested.
I do hope she’s right.

One student asked, as we talked after school, if I have children. When I said no, just nieces and nephews, he said, “Maybe that’s why you have time for kids like me.” We can’t save every one, but perhaps as in the story of the starfish, we can “make a difference to that one.”

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lanise Brown
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 04:03:20

    Helping a student can make a huge difference, even if it’s to only help in a small way. Lovely post!


  2. Deb Atwood
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 18:47:04

    Sometimes the smallest gesture is the difference between despair and hope. Do you remember the part in Dibs in Search of Self when the gardener told Dibs the story of the leaf? The gardener probably had no idea what a life-saving moment that was.


  3. Lata
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 22:46:57

    Sometimes all the kids need is a little bit of attention from us adults,, just to tell them all is well in the world. Loving your posts.


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