Retirement/Graduation / Rainbows / Tales Out of School

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Retirement/Graduation / Rainbows / Tales Out of School

I always said I’d teach until I got tired of the students, which I never did. In fact, I truthfully told my final year’s students that they were the best students ever and I had to retire because the school couldn’t possibly give me such good students the next year.
(They didn’t need to know about the sarcoidosis from the mold in the building or the administrator determined to make my life miserable).

It was a wonderful adventure, beginning with my decision, in kindergarten, that “I want to do that!” Rainbows

Some of the parents, bless them, said they were sorry I was leaving but, “Thanks for being here for my child.” A former student sent a lovely email crediting me for some of his success, so wonderful that I shared it with the principal.

One of my favorite students was upset at news of my retirement, until I pointed out that she would be graduating. “We can graduate together!”

Just a week or so before graduation the same student was asked to remove or cover a “Stop the Bush-It” bumper sticker on her car, a relatively tame witticism which had been on her car for two years. She said, “Ill have to think about it.” After consulting with me and a few others, she opted to simply ignore the request. The administrator had fulfilled his promise to “talk to the student,” and we knew he’d be too busy to follow up in the busy final weeks of school. I wish I had learned earlier to “fly below the radar.”

Retirement came a bit before I planned it to, but I was fortunate that I had left the retirement contribution from my first two years of teaching stay in place when I went off to teach a year for a private company, and that a former colleague had become a savvy broker to advise on retirement savings, reminding me a bit of this piece . . .

BTW, when I retired from teaching, I thought I was finished with red pens, but a student gave me a whole package of them in the final weeks of school. Turns out they are perfect for puzzles, much easier to see than pencil, and blue can be used for changes . . .



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Naomi Baltuck
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 00:17:14

    Best wishes for your retirement, Mary. I don’t think you will have to worry about filling your days. SO MANY STORIES TO TELL!


  2. lynneinpborough
    Apr 22, 2015 @ 22:39:47

    We should all have to take finance and retirement courses earlier in life! It’s not a skill I have.. Glad you’re enjoying yours. I’m treating every spare moment I have like I’m retired too.


  3. storytellermary
    Apr 23, 2015 @ 08:09:14

    I kept “planning to study finance” until Conny offered a workshop on a teacher meeting day, and I realized time was passing while I waited to have time to study up, and she had already done it. Payroll deductions to a TSA were simple to do, once I had an advisor I trusted. Retirement is a well-earned time to follow my own plans. Teaching two tai chi classes a week is good for my body and mind, reading, cooking healthy food, listening to birds and frogs singing . . . aaah! Worth it!


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