Umbrella/De-Icer/Scraper/WD-40 / Tales Out of School


Umbrella/De-Icer/Scraper/WD-40 / Tales Out of School

I kept emergency supplies in my cabinet, and colleagues knew where to find them: broken but usable umbrella, for when all the good ones were in the car or at home, De-Icer and scrapers to help get cars cleared after winter storms, WD-40 for squeaky doors not serious enough to call maintenance. When I left, I bequeathed supplies to my next-door neighbor, so she could continue the mission.

In the grand Wopila* (give-away) teachers, students, and out-of-town friends took books, posters, step ladders, podium, and sundry other gifts, contributions to the work of education. First item claimed was a poster of Rapunzel from the Rep’s production of Into the Woods. Funniest was a little pink step stool, taken by a friend who scolded others for being “vultures” and then, spotting the pink ladder, exclaimed, “Oh that’s so cute!” to which I replied by giving her a post-it on which to write her name to stick it on the ladder.

On the last work day, student volunteers helped teachers pack and clean, and some of them gladly delivered my treasures to the appreciative recipients who had claimed them. A long extension cord and the hammer from a student’s project on “The Parsley Garden” went to the drama department. She hadn’t had time to come lay claim to anything, but with set-building and such, I knew they’d be well used.

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