Happy Watermelon Day!!

National Watermelon Day!

I enjoyed my watermelon, from Terripin Farms CSA!  See how big one week’s HALF share is!




Thanks, Karen, for the reminder!


One of the wonders of Jackie’s Story-Lovers site 


is finding one’s own words from years past . . . 

My father told us how they used to load the truck with watermelons, passing them down a line of workers, like the fire bucket brigades. The agreement was that they could eat the broken ones. They didn’t break a single one, until the first man yelled, “This is the last one.” Then each man dropped the one he was holding, and they had plenty to eat.

He also told me the sweetest watermelons were the ones stolen from a neighbor’s field. One man wasn’t amused by the pilfering and put out a sign, “Attention, thieves! One of the melons in this field is poisoned.” The next day, none of his melons were missing, but the sign had been changed to “two of the melons in this field are poisoned.”

Now daddy was a storyteller, but he said these happened just this way. Of course, we do always say not to let the truth stand in the way of a good story. . . .

One more family story — one of my uncle’s tricks. His children planted some seeds from a watermelon, and a vine grew from them. Every day they would impatiently check the vine for watermelons, but it was too late in the summer for them to ever get any. He bought a huge melon, snuck it out to the yard, and put it among the leaves and vines of their plant. Of course they believed they had grown it (kids are so great that way), and they all enjoyed their “home grown” melon.