Latex Allergy Info

Latex Allergy

Avoidance is the only real treatment for latex allergy — stay away from latex as much as possible; especially stay away from latex (rubber) balloons (mylar is okay), which put latex molecules into the air as they are inflated, as they deflate, and when they POP!

Latex allergy guidelines for food — don’t handle/prepare food wearing latex gloves; don’t handle dishes with latex gloves; don’t bring balloons into room or near anyone who might be allergic to latex.  See below for safe restaurants.

Related food allergies — I must avoid these: potatos, kiwi, bananas, avocados, chestnuts. Some can’t have strawberries.

Some who are allergic to latex are also allergic to aloe vera, which is now commonly added to soap, lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products.

Visit for more information.

Dr. Hamid keeps my allergies under control. (636) 498-0333 4200 N. Cloverleaf Dr., St. Peters.    Dr. Cannon chose well for us.

Dr. Susan Albers, chiropractor, straightens me out and keeps latex away from me.  (636) 978-3778  1001 Kighway K, O’Fallon 63366

Dr. Hillis is a kind and gentle and skilled dentist  who has NO LATEX GLOVES!!

Car Service — Lou Fusz Subaru (636) 397-2012  4440 N. Service Rd, St., St. Peters, values clients’ welfare over balloons.  Everyone has been courteous, professional, and competent.  Friends and neighbors recommended them, and I’m happy to have found a safe spot.

Auto America Detailing  — caring, thorough, and competent people. I needed allergens removed from my car. They understood. 4165 Ehlmann Rd, St. Peters  (636) 928-6469

Margie at Comfort Shoe Specialists, 14390 Manchester Rd., Manchester, MO 63011 checks with shoe manufacturers to find safe shoes.

Cute shoes from BucketFeet — We Believe Art is For Everyone.

Decent Exposures  excellent latex-free undergarments and swimwear.  They have added items for men to their catalog.

Customer service  at these businesses will carefully check for latex:

Plastibands, Sanford erasers, 3M Superior Mousing Surface Mousepads — all good.

New product assurances of no latex:

Vionic slippers and sandals — excellent for posture and correct pronation

SOCKS!  — I am fortunate that I can knit, and have a niece who knits even better, but there are other options.

Plain, all-cotton Buster Brown socks., available in the Vermont Country Store catalog.

Jobst compression stockings and Juzo lighter compression socks are latex-free.

SOLMATE SOCKS have assured me that there is NO LATEX in their socks ❤  cotton socks are latex-free (top band too tight for me 😦

? ? CAUTION: SOME CONTAIN SPANDEX, so order carefully, as pretty is not worth the risk.

Pillo-Pedic from Foot Levelers, for proper neck alignment.

iPad case

** WARNING!  Books from Better World Books are shipped in latex-covered plastic, which, like the sticky plastic wrap for home use, is a hazard to those with latex allergies.

Bandaids — a friend wrote to ask for advice and I thought I should add my response to this list:

I buy Band-Aid brand, as they are non-latex, but for small problems, I use paper tape, treating the cut with peroxide and a bit of Vanicream which keeps the tape from sticking to the cut.  The paper tape will dry quickly if it gets wet, so no soggy, water-soaked pad.  It doesn’t stay on as long, but works better for me.  You can even find tan paper tape instead of white.  It does leave behind bits of adhesive, but oil takes that off easily.

The best I’ve found recently is Walgreens Sensitive Skin Flexible Fabric Bandages — silicone adhesive, which can even be lifted and put back in place.

I have noticed a reaction to some of the adhesives.  The sleep study people had some round ones that left bright red circles on my chest for days.  They used something different for the second study.
Restaurants, though lately I’ve been cooking my own safer meals with produce from Terripin Farms CSA who graciously avoid rubber bands and potatoes in my “share.”

Here’s a list of “safe” restaurants and other businesses in the St. Peters / St. Charles / St. Louis, Missouri area — but I always check each time I go in, as they sometimes change gloves and procedures. Many thanks to those willing to make a safe place to enjoy dining and visiting with friends!

  1. Alex’s Grill and Ice Cream 632 Jungermann Rd., St Peters, MO 63376
    (636) 317-1501
  2. Applebee’s
  3. Big A’s on the Riverfront, 308 N. Main St., St. Charles, MO 636-949-9900
  4. Bishop’s Post  16125 Chesterfield Parkway 63017  636-352-8352
  5. Blue Springs Cafe    3505 George Street, Highland IL 62249 (618) 654-5788
  6. Cafe Osage    4605 Olive Street, St. Louis MO 63108  (314) 454-6868
  7. Costco
  8. Cracker Barrel
  9. Crooked Tree Coffee House – 636-669-5282
  10. Culpepper’s  3010 West Clay, St. Charles  636-916-3102
  11. Cyrano’s Coffee Cafe & Dessert
  12. •Dairy Queen – 1450 Jungs Station Rd,   St Charles, MO 63303 – 636-928-1344
  13. •Denny’s – 3939 S Outer Rd #2012,  St Peters, MO – 636-928-4559
  14. •Domino’s – 45 Charlestowne Plaza,  St Charles, MO – 636-447-7070
  15. First Watch   312 Mid Rivers Center, St. Peter’s, MO 63376   636-970-0050
  16. Flaco’s Cocina  8400 Delmar
  17. Fresh Thyme 2235 Highway K, O’Fallon, Missouri, MO 63368  (636) 385-7033
    rotissery chicken with no rubber bands!
  18. Hendricks BBQ  1200 S Main St  St Charles, MO 63301 (636) 724-8600
  19. •Jack-in-the-Box
  20. Louisiana Cafe  1350 Triad Center Dr, St Peters, MO 63304 (636) 922-7429
  21. Magpies      903 S Main St St. Charles, Missouri 63301  (636) 947-3883
  22. Mario’s Donuts & Cafe   2786 Muegge Rd., St Charles, MO 63303    (636) 447-4515
  23. Mellow Mushroom  4716 Mid Rivers Mall Dr , Cottleville MO 63376 636-477-6001
  24. • Miss Sheri’s         Warson Woods, 9967 Manchester Rd.   (314) 968-9995
  25. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  26. Old Millstream Inn   912 S. Main St., St Charles
  27. Outback Steakhouse – 1620 Country Club Plaza Dr, St Charles, MO – 636-940-9409
  28. •Ponderosa
  29. Potbelly   1950 1st Capitol Drive, St. Charles, MO 63301  (636) 757-3690
  30. •Provisions
  31. Quarry Wine Garden, 3960 Highway Z, New Melle, MO  (636) 828-5145
  32. Rendezvous Cafe   217 South Main Street · O’Fallon, MO 63366 · 636-281-CAFE
  33. Rizzo’s Bar and Grill  1155 Wentzville pkwy suite 145,Wentzville, Missouri 63385(636) 332-6757
  34. St. Louis Bread Company  Not all safe, ask! (known as Panera’s in other localities)
  35. Simply Thai, 2470 N. Hwy. 67, Florissant  314-921-2179
  36. Spiro’s – 636-916-1454.  Bluestone Dr., St. Charles
  37. Steak n Shake
  38. Stefanina’s  636.447.7800 652 Jungermann Road
  39. Sucrose (best bakery ever)  700 s. Fifth St., St. Charles, Missouri, MO 63301
    Highlights info row image (314) 288-9176
  40. Tucker’s Place West  14282 Manchester Rd.  636-227-8062
  41. Uno Chicago Grille
  42. Yo My Goodness   2621 Muegge Rd, St Charles, MO 63303  636.922.1245
  43. Mid-Towne Market (Julie) at 317 Hawthorne, St. Charles, MO – 636-724-6500  and now carry Better Life Products
  44. Benne’s Best Meat  850 South Breeze, St. Charles, 63304   636.486.6024
  45. CSA shares for veggies  Terripin Farm  Facebook page
  46. Valenti’s Meats   6750 Mexico Rd. St. Peters, MO 63376   636-970-2992  (will seal packages without masking tape if asked)


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